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Cavity FilterFeaturesVarious size & Wide FrequencyLow insertion lossPrevent impactExcellent temperature stability Application FieldVarious size & Wide FrequencyLow insertion lossPrevent impactExcellen

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We regularly visit customers to solicit users' opinions on China LC Duplexer, Dielectric Resonator_TE Modeds, Cavity Multiplexer. According to the information provided by them, our company timely adjusts the product structure and business strategy and enhances the adaptability of the enterprise market. Reliable quality and good integrity service has brought a high reputation for our company . High quality and low price make us have a foothold in the fierce market competition. All of our employees know that the combination of different perspectives and perspectives will bring better results. We have gradually established a good people-oriented employment mechanism, which not only re-uses talents in our work, but also enables them to experience the company's respect and care for talents in all aspects. Our company introduces Internet thinking and big data technology to provide digital operation solutions for our product marketing.


Diplexer is the main accessory of hetero-frequency diplexer station and relay station. Its function is to isolate the transmitting and receiving signals, so as to ensure the receiving and transmitting can work normally at the same time.The Cavity Filter is composed of two bands of band-stop filters of different frequencies to prevent the local transmission of signals to the receiver. The general diplexer consists of six band-stop filters (notch filters), each resonating at the transmitting and receiving frequencies. The filter at the receiving end resonates the transmitting frequency and prevents the transmitting power from being strung into the receiver, while the filter at the transmitting end resonates at the receiving frequency. Some duplexer don't mark the launch and the receiving end and the only LOW and HIGH, such as a duplexer LOW = 450, HIGH = 460, said the LOW end can join 450 million 460 million transmitter, receiver HIGH end connection can also be will join 450 million transmitter LOW end, HIGH end connection 460 million receiver, sending and receiving frequency can be used upside down, but cannot meet the set will launch frequency 460 machine duplexer 450 million end so as not to damage the radio and duplexer. The diplexer is a special bidirectional three terminal filter. It not only needs to couple the weak receiving signal in, but also needs to feed the large transmitting power to the antenna, and requires the two to complete their respective functions without affecting each other. General duplexer consists of spiral cavity body, due to its high working frequency, distribution parameters influence often make it a gland body, all the signal feeder with good shielding effect of the coaxial cable of the cavity shape material also requires a certain degree of finish, is good for heat dissipation, appearance is often black, three commonly used standard high frequency signal end connectors Q9 or L16 type high frequency wireless communication requirement for duplexer socket. The operating frequency range of the diplexer shall not be narrower than that of the radio telephone itself. In general, the bandwidth refers to the input bandwidth of the receiver and the output bandwidth of the transmitter after the wireless telephone is equipped with a duplex. For a diplexer, it is the stopband bandwidth of two equivalent band-stop filters, rather than the passband bandwidth. As can be seen from its frequency response curve, it is the frequency range of the two stopbands at a certain attenuation. As is known to all, for today's VHF and UHF wireless telephones, the high-frequency input bandwidth of the receiver is generally above 5MHz, while the high-frequency output bandwidth of the transmitter is above 10MHz. That is to say, the high frequency input and output bandwidth of the wireless telephone itself is relatively wide, so the bandwidth of the duplexer is required to have a certain width, in order to overcome the trouble caused by the bandwidth problem when the user declares the frequency. However, according to the regulations of the radio frequency management departments in China and other countries in the world, a duplex wireless telephone set used as a dual-frequency duplex network has a transmitter-receiver frequency difference of 5.7mhz at 150MHz and 10MHz at 450MHz at 150MHz. Therefore, the ideal diplexer can only be half of the transceiver frequency difference specified by the corresponding frequency band of wireless telephone, that is, 150MHz is 2.85mhz and 450MHz is 5MHz.

Application Field
Our Cavity Filter has many advantages such as various size, wide frequency and low insertion loss.In the meantime,  it can also prevent impact and has excellent temperature stability. Due to its small size and light weight, it is used for mobile communication and as an unattended turntable in the field. However, the space provided by vehicle-mounted wireless telephone and automobile is limited, and the wiring and heat dissipation of the wireless telephone need to be considered. It includes a housing, the housing includes resonant cavity groups, each of the resonant cavity groups has two resonant cavities, a partitioning portions is provided between the two resonant cavities, and the partitioning portions is provided with an adjustment passage running through the two resonant cavities. A cover plate is mounted on the housing to cover the resonant cavity groups. A resonating assembly includes a resonant tube, a resonant cap connected with the resonant tube, and a resonant adjustment screw provided in the resonant tube. The resonant tube is disposed on the inner wall of the resonant cavities. The resonant cap is opposite the cover plate. A coupling adjustment assembly is used for reducing the magnetic coupling amount between the two resonant cavities and enhancing the electrical coupling amount between the two resonant cavities. Our product provides a slim and compact structure in which a push-pin type RF connector, which is formed such that a terminal is exposed to both sides or one side in a height direction, is embedded so as to reduce a size of an antenna system, rapidly perform a verification for an individualfilter while having high reproducibility, and enable the antenna system to be readily mounted.  It is composed of cavity and tuning screw, compared with other properties of the filter, firm structure, stable and reliable performance, small size, Q value is moderate, high-end parasitic passband far away and the cooling performance is good, can be used for higher power and frequency scope of application: mainly used in each big communication base station the front end of the filter, filter out interference signal with very strong. The utility model discloses a cavity filter, which relates to the communication technical field. The cavity filter is provided to achieve the aim of having the power capacity increased and the frequency adjusting range enlarged on the premise that the cavity depth of the filter is decreased. It has a body with an opening on the upper end, a cover plate, a tuning screw and a resonance rod. The resonance rod is fixed on the bottom plate of the cavity body and accommodated inside the cavity body. The cover plate is fixedly arranged on the opening part of the cavity body. A screw hole is arranged on the cover plate. The tuning screw cooperates with the screw hole and has one end pass through the cover plate and further inserted into the cavity body. The central part of the resonance rod is provided with a through hole. The tuning screw is inserted into the through hole. The outer walls of the resonance rod are fixedly connected with the bottom plate of the cavity body. The filter can have the power capacity increased and the frequency adjusting range enlarged on the premise that the cavity depth of the filter is reduced.


Part NumberCenter FrequencyBandwidthInsertion Loss in BWRipple in BWReturn Loss in BWAttenuation(dB)Size
       (L x W x H)mm














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