Factory Provide 13.56MHz/860-960MHz RFID Tags for Tracking Management

FeaturesLong distance readFast read speedDesign for customerMulti protocol supportPrevent impact Application FieldMetals,Electronic goods.Corrugated cases.Plastic trays and containers,Optical-cables,w

Product Details
It is based on the company's continuous innovation and progress, our Ceramic Waveguide Duplexer, Dielectric Resonator TE Mode factory, China Filter have gradually been recognized and favored by many domestic manufacturers. At the same time, it is also sold overseas. The team of our company along with the use of cutting-edge technologies delivers impeccable top quality products supremely adored and appreciated by our shoppers worldwide. Our company takes the user's demand as the center. We hope that through the full cooperation of the company's employees, relying on the professional level and unremitting efforts, we can create a civilized and excellent corporate image and create a good foundation for the promotion of the company's products. We constantly carry on self-innovation, technological innovation, managing innovation and business concept innovation.



Long distance read

Fast read speed

Design for customer

Multi protocol support

Prevent impact 

Application Field

Metals,Electronic goods.Corrugated cases.Plastic trays and containers,Optical-cables,water and gas pipes tracking,Whisky bottle. Cosmetics and Liquid products,Casino chip.


ApplicationPart   NumberOperating Frequency RangeReading Range[m]PDF
Casino or MetalSRIT929R2525GA9279320.4Download

one kind of passive RF component that using in RFID for receiving reaction signal.

SRTEC is one of the leading China rfid tag manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company we have our own productive factory, welcome to buy rfid tag from us.

As our Factory Provide 13.56MHz/860-960MHz RFID Tags for Tracking Management adopts leading-edge technologies and successful marketing approaches, we are now ahead of the competition in the industry. We are a leading corporation that committed to innovation and technology with businesses spanning the globe. Our employees are dedicated to their jobs, loyal and dedicated, and spare no effort to achieve the company's career goals.

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