China Manufacturer Professional Factory Car Purifier Filter Dust


Product Details
Our development tenet is to win the trust of customers with excellent product quality, satisfy customers with systematic Dielectric Module_at Least 5 Paths suppliers, buy Dielectric Duplexers_Array Type, Dielectric Duplexers_Array Type factory. Our products enjoy a reputation in the market for their reasonable price and reliable quality. We focus on cultivating a team with high quality, strict discipline and good style, so that the entire company can be confident and upward.

Part   No.
Freq. Range 
Insert Loss(dB)
Return Loss
Temp. Range
Room Temp.
Full Temp.
Room Temp.
Full Temp.
0.4 max.
0.5 max.
11 min.
14 min.
18 min.

SRTEC is one of the leading China isolator manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company we have our own productive factory, welcome to buy isolator from us.

We are hoping to be able to produce more innovative and creative China Manufacturer Professional Factory Car Purifier Filter Dust to improve the added value and quality of the products. Practice has proved that our unique innovative ideas can enable our company to win the market's favor in the competition. Our company is guided by meeting the needs of customers, adopts customer proximity strategy and provides meticulous service for customers.

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