China Dazhang Hydraulic Filter Press for Rice Bran


Product Details
Our buy Ceramic Tuner, buy Ceramic Waveguide Filter-high Freq, Dielectric Module_at Least 5 Pathsds has absorbed cream and quintessence from international manufactures and then entered the market just like ten thousands rivers flowing to the sea. Through the joint efforts of all employees for many years, we have gradually won more and more support from customers, so that our performance has been improved every year. We will still work hard to achieve a win-win situation for both of us. While constantly improving ourselves, we will adopt a sincere service attitude and a high degree of responsibility. Our products, from R&D, manufacturing to inspection, are in accordance with the high standards of the industry.

Part   No.
Freq. Range 
Insert Loss(dB)
Return Loss
Temp. Range
Room Temp.
Full Temp.
Room Temp.
Full Temp.
0.4 max.
0.5 max.
11 min.
14 min.
18 min.

SRTEC is one of the leading China isolator manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company we have our own productive factory, welcome to buy isolator from us.

With continuous innovation, rich design and production experience, high-quality equipment and comprehensive after-sales service, we have become a core enterprise in the China Dazhang Hydraulic Filter Press for Rice Bran industry with the approval and support of our customers. We pursue business philosophy and perfect quality management system, and attach importance to cooperation and communication. If you have any questions, you can consult our online customer service, or you can consult telephone customer service according to the after-sales telephone number on the website.

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