China China Horizontal Du Rubber Vacuum Belt Filter Manufacturer Price


Product Details
Our Dielectric Filter_MONO Type suppliers, china Dielectric Resonator TEM Mode suppliers, buy Dielectric Resonator has a steady demand in the market and the quality is absolutely superior, and the price of it is very reasonable. We will never stop learning, arm ourselves with professional technology to become an industry leader. Since its inception, the company has always been committed to quality management, quality is the source of our enterprise life. We will, as always, stick to the road of industrialization, scale and brand development. We will sincerely cooperate with all sectors of society, forge ahead and create a brilliant career.

Part   No.
Freq. Range 
Insert Loss(dB)
Return Loss
Temp. Range
Room Temp.
Full Temp.
Room Temp.
Full Temp.
0.4 max.
0.5 max.
11 min.
14 min.
18 min.

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In recent years, the application field of China China Horizontal Du Rubber Vacuum Belt Filter Manufacturer Price has been continuously expanded and the demand for the development of various new series has continued to rise. With an open concept of cooperation, we contribute to the development of the industry and provide people with high-quality safe products in production and life. The same way can make us think of each other, and all our business management methods are based on our mission.

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