Buy Medical Grade HEPA Upa Clean Air Purifier HEPA Filter


Product Details
We use excellent production equipment, advanced production technology and scientific management methods to ensure the excellent quality of our RFID Tag company, different type of antenna, Ceramic Filter company. It is our constant pursuit to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and build industry advantages. Our company is strong and has become a highly competitive company under the scientific management and honest operation. We win the market and repay the society with the business philosophy of 'integrity and pragmatism', enabling us to maintain steady and healthy development in an extremely competitive market, and achieve good economic and social benefits. Welcome customers to inquire and visit us! We make unremitting efforts to win the wide recognition and favor of users from all walks of life and strive to give back good products, high-quality services and reasonable prices to the society.

Part   No.
Freq. Range 
Insert Loss(dB)
Return Loss
Temp. Range
Room Temp.
Full Temp.
Room Temp.
Full Temp.
0.4 max.
0.5 max.
11 min.
14 min.
18 min.

SRTEC is one of the leading China isolator manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company we have our own productive factory, welcome to buy isolator from us.

Our vision is to continue to innovate and provide core competitive advantages of our Buy Medical Grade HEPA Upa Clean Air Purifier HEPA Filter to help our customers succeed. Since always, we adhering to the 'open and fair, share to get, the pursuit of excellence, and creation of value'values, adhere to the'integrity and efficient, trade-oriented, best way, best valve' business philosophy. With the rapid development of the market in recent years, our company will vigorously build our own brand development model.

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